@AlexisTM's project list

Work in progress

Sorting Center
Development of the proof of concept of an autonomous sorting center based on rovers for PostNL as a Robotics Engineer for Unmanned Life.
Fleet control
Development of the fleet control and synchronization of a heterogeneous multi-robot environment as a Robotics Engineer for Unmanned Life.
Compute me a coffee
Testing XMR in-browser mining, to compute a coffee with CPU cycles.


Simple JSON for PHP
Simple JSON PHP is the simplest library to convert any PHP object or array into a clean JSON while keeping the performances.
Reinstall Windows
List of things to think to reinstall when formatting your computer.
Arduino 7 segment driver
NX7Seg is a ASCII driver for Arduino for the 3641BS 4x7 segments. It works with a modular ASCII Dictionary giving the 7 segment values to write letters and digits.
Modalise.JS helps you to create HTML modals. It is a lightweight lazy javascript library aiming the simplicity and the efficiency.
LightBus library (I2C)
Arduino is a cool board but the communications with other Arduinos/Onboard computer are always the weak part. Lightbus is a lightweight middleware working over I2C.
LidarLite Enhanced
Lidar Enhanced is an asynchronous library for the LidarLite v2 lasers, compatible with LidarLite v3 lasers. It gives the ability to have a higher aquisition speed and much more robust communication.
Humans.txt generator
Humans.txt generator is a npm package for NodeJS allowing you to generate a file with the team that worked on a website/application. Because we matters.
FlyingROS is ROS showing you how to make multicopter applications. It uses open-source and open-hardware solutions and give you all the steps and examples to make you own application.

Waiting for more time

The Right Technology For The Right Use (TRT4TRU) is a project aiming to give companies and makers an advice of the technology they want to develop.
Mind-control is a repo giving ideas on how to develop mind control software and hardware.
Automafree aims to control a house. It is a free open-source framework workin on a RaspberryPi/Odroid (later any ARM or linux) and one microcontroler (Arduino in first).