@AlexisTM's project list

Work related

Fleet control
Development of the fleet control and synchronization of a heterogeneous multi-robot environment as a Robotics Engineer for Unmanned Life.
UWB localization system
Development of a TDoA localization algorithm for the bitcraze roadrunner.
Sorting Center
Development of the proof of concept of an autonomous sorting center based on rovers for Unmanned Life.
FlyingROS is the result of my thesis. It shows how to make real multicopter applications using ROS as its core, leveraging the open-source community to each components.

Personal projects

Simple JSON for PHP
Simple JSON PHP is the simplest library to convert any PHP object or array into a clean JSON while keeping the performances.
Reinstall Windows
List of things to think to reinstall when formatting your computer.
Arduino 7 segment driver
NX7Seg is a ASCII driver for Arduino for the 3641BS 4x7 segments. It works with a modular ASCII Dictionary giving the 7 segment values to write letters and digits.
Modalise.JS helps you to create HTML modals. It is a lightweight lazy javascript library aiming the simplicity and the efficiency.
LightBus library (I2C)
Arduino is a cool board but the communications with other Arduinos/Onboard computer are always the weak part. Lightbus is a lightweight middleware working over I2C.
LidarLite Enhanced
Lidar Enhanced is an asynchronous library for the LidarLite v2 lasers, compatible with LidarLite v3 lasers. It gives the ability to have a higher aquisition speed and much more robust communication.
Humans.txt generator
Humans.txt generator is a npm package for NodeJS allowing you to generate a file with the team that worked on a website/application. Because we matters.